Thinking Trains Technology

Permanent Way

The Permanent Way module is a control interface for trackwork and signalling infrastructure. It converts abstract instructions from the Control Panel (such as setting a route) to specific actions on the layout (just as moving points and signals). This module has applications beyong Thinking Trains for conventional DCC railways.

Train Driver

The Train Driver module is the “brains” of a train. It derives situational awareness (such as train position, signal states and speed limits) and responds by moving or stopping the train according to a programmed set of rules. In essence it simulates the behaviour of a real train driver.

Control Panel

The Control Panel module is the primary human interface for Thinking Trains. The system is initially configured here, including track layout, loco details, routes and connected hardware. During standard operation the user interface will resemble a real world control and mimic panel from which the operator can set and clear down routes. The operator can also communicate directly with trains, e.g. to provide shunt instructions or for manual reversion.